November 2017

The Bacchae

By Euripides


Adapted by Bacchanalia Theatre Company


Bacchanalia invites you on a journey as Dionysus; The God of ritual madness, religious ecstasy and most importantly wine, descends on Earth bringing colour and light to the prosaic existence of both Kings and slaves. When a God and a King wrestle for control, with the temptation of a truly liberating hedonistic experience, Bacchanalia asks when does the freedom of an individual define who they really are?


Exploring self-control, identity, gender and hedonism; The Bacchae will be Bacchanalia's premier on the immersive theatre circuit. This modern dithyramb, and our namesake, will present an otherworldly and visceral setting which will transport you to a realm ruled by chaos, charm and a desire to dance for all eternity!


February 2017

Thalia's Taverna


An original play by Bacchanalia Theatre Company


Thalia welcomes you to join her and her sisters on an epic adventure through the myths and legends of our world that have been lost to time! Come with us as we explore a universe hidden within our own of fairy tales, folklore and mysteries in a new and exciting interactive production.

Thalia explores the worlds in which some of history’s greatest fables have been lost to and re-imagines them to a modern audience. Come and witness some of the most famous characters from ancient parables as you have never seen them before!


'...will give you hope for the future of theatre' (Remote Goat)



Thalia is set to return with more stories from the depths of European folklore in 2018.




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